27 Nov 2016

king_eomer: (you belong to me)

Batch #1: U2 di [livejournal.com profile] 5_nowhereland
Claim: The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes/Negan
Autore: [livejournal.com profile] king_eomer

1. The hands that build can also pull down (Exit)

2. It's just me and you and the rain (If God will send His Angels)

3. In the garden I was playing the tart, I kissed your lips and broke you heart (Until the end of the world)

4. Well you lied to me 'cos I asked you to (Who's gonna ride your wilde horses)

5. So love is hard and love is tough, but love is not what you're thinking of (Please)

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Salve! Sono eomer e scrivo fanfiction per diletto e come valvola di sfogo dalla RL.

I fandom che frequento sono vari, così come le mie OTP ;)

Pubblico le storie sul mio account di EFP ma qui posto anche quelle che partecipano alle challenge delle community di lj che frequento.